Holistic Cures for the Common Cold from The Lodge at Woodloch’s Master Herbalist


With the cold weather upon us, fall seems to be known as cold & flu season.  In order to help remedy the common cold, we love to turn to nature.  Nathaniel Whitmore, our master herbalist has some great recommendations of natural cures for the common cold.  One of the most important categories of herbs amongst traditional cultures is diaphoretic herbs – sweat inducing herbs.  While this group of herbs has been the main go-to for colds, flu, and fever by indigenous people all over the world, diaphoretics are practically non-existent in modern home-care treatment.  Diaphoretics include ginger, mint, and many other house-hold herbs.  Ideally, diaphoretic herbs are taken as a hot “tea” along with a shower or sauna and, if possible, followed by a nap under a down comforter.

Woodloch Lodge Poultice Making 1b_2 (2)

One of Nathaniel’s favorite diaphoretic herbs is a rocky mountain root called Osha, or Bear Root.  It can be used hot, as described above or simply sucked on like a lozenge.  Osha is among three primary herbs for “nipping-it-in-the-bud” cold treatment.  The other two are Echinacea, which is best as a tincture from the fresh root, and Oregano essential oil diluted in Olive oil.  Of course, there are many other herbs, but these are the three great go-to natural remedies.

We wish everyone a warm, cozy and healthy fall!