Reaching for the stars one planet at a time- Goal setting for 2015


While washing my hair in the morning (my few minutes of time to myself to think during the day) I started considering the personal goals I would like to set in 2015. That night, I googled it, I did a pinterest search and pinned a few inspiring quotes and then resumed back to my old bad habits of binge watching my Netflix Series de jour and staying up way past my bedtime. And then, when I least expected it, it came to me… in my Facebook newsfeed.

I, like most people, know better. I know that I should eat more greens, I know that I should exercise more and I know that I should eat out less. I. Know. But what I didn’t realize I wanted to know was that even the most successful people are human too. The article by Samantha Ettus shares some pretty intimate details about how successful women start their day and it made me feel a little better…and that I had a realistic chance of making small changes that would total BIG GOAL completions. I loved in the article that Leslie Hale- CFO and Noel Baily Merz- Doctor both squeeze in a 30 minute workout before their day starts. Not an hour, not ninety minutes, but something that realistically fits into their schedule and lifestyle. I loved that Nell Scovell- Producer admits that she eats two breakfasts a day. I loved that Sally Susman- Pharma Executive eats oatmeal “when feeling virtuous” and an egg burrito “when feeling otherwise.” I also loved that Audrey Puente- Meteoroligist, schedules specific cuddle time with each kid as they are waking up.

AKP VERTICAL MED-1 Hiking- Josh Heath by Alex Cena Lo Res

So, in setting my 2015 goals which pertain to the things I know I should be doing, I will first and foremost be realistic and set goals that fit my schedule and lifestyle. I will also not give up when I am not “feeling virtuous” but will give myself room for error and the ability to get back on track. I will write my goals down, I will write more lists, I will drink more water, I will eat more greens, I will seek a creative outlet and I will live in the moment and soak in the little things through the eyes of my 3 and 4 year old. 2015 will be a success! For those that are considering writing down goals for the coming year, here are a few resources, inspirational lists and recommendations for how to get started: (lets substitute the word rich for successful as we can all be rich/successful in our own ways)

Cheers to a successful and goal-completing 2015!

-Brooke Jennings Roe