Turn Winter Blues into Other Hues…

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Winter is in full swing.  While we love the crisp air and the thought of a cozy snowy night, we also get a little cabin fever and feel more sluggish than usual.  The team at The Lodge at Woodloch thought that it might be nice to send out a gentle reminder (we say reminder because so much of it is common sense) for beating the winter blues using a holistic approach.


  • Spend time outside- early in the morning or between 12-2pm is best.  The fresh air and sunlight will make an impact. Outdoor Adventure Manager Josh Heath shared one really unique tip,”make sure to keep your sunglasses OFF as sunglasses tease your body into thinking that it is not getting the sun exposure that it needs (while of course being cautious of protecting your eyes from damage).”
  • Master Herbalist Nathaniel Whitmore suggests incorporating winter foods such as grains and beans as well as effective herbs like licorice, pine and Chinese ginseng which focus on vital energies and warming the body.


  • Cindy Wasilewski, Fitness Manager extraordinaire reminds us to:
    • Exercise 4-6 times per week for at least 30 minutes (need we hear that again?).
    • Take supplements such as fish oils, vitamin C, D and B complex
    • Meditate- visualize soaking in the sun!
  • Find a creative outlet to use the inside time for something soul-quenching and productive
Let Executive Chef Josh Tomson take your favorite comfort food recipe to rehab!

Let Executive Chef Josh Tomson take your favorite comfort food recipe to rehab!

  • Have fun- laugh and spend time with friends and family.  Executive Chef Josh Tomson suggests a healthy seasonal recipe shared with friends around the dinner table to keep spirits up.
  • A favorite recommendation was from Dr. Martha Howard in a health.com article.  She mentioned that the best way to beat the winter blues is to prevent it.  She suggests taking a PREVENTATIVE vacation in a sunny location in early fall.  Spending at least four hours per day for four days in a row will help prevent winter blues if done between October 1-15.

Stay cozy and be well!

The Lodge at Woodloch Team