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This February, the staff at The Lodge at Woodloch will be doing more than just wearing red in recognition of National Heart Month. With heart disease being the number one killer of women and one-third of all adults having high blood pressure, awareness and education is key. February is a great time to highlight our heart-healthy offerings and remind those we love to embrace heart health.

Woodloch Fitness Manager

  • Heart Pumping Cardio Offerings (over 35 cardio offerings) such as Drums Alive, Kenpo Cardio Plus, Spinning, Tabata and Up In Arms.
    • According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, carrying too much weight around one’s middle is damaging to the heart (raises blood pressure, negatively effects blood lipids and other negative effects). Exercise helps and eating right helps but the combination of the two is what truly makes a difference!
Yoga helps calm the mind and the body

Yoga helps calm the mind and the body

  • Heart Centered Yoga: Bringing awareness and acceptance, especially self-acceptance, into the heart can be quite powerful. This class combines a guided meditation focused on the Heart Chakra, with yoga postures that help open and energize the heart center.
    • According to the Journal of Ayurvedic and Integrative Medicine, yoga positively effects Heart Rate Variability (an indicator of heart health) in addition to being a stress-reliever and making the body more limber.


  • Deep Healing Chi-Gong: (Qigong) Using gentle movements, deep breathing, and colorful visualizations, this medical form of Chi-Gong helps keep energy, or Chi, flowing throughout the body. This class will help restore vitality, increase energy and impart a full sense of overall well-being.
    • According to WebMD, Qigong is believed to relax the mind, muscles, tendons, joints, and inner organs — helping to improve circulation, relieve stress and pain, and restore health. It’s practiced widely in China’s clinics and hospitals. Some believe that as a complement to Western medicine, Qigong can help the body heal itself, slowing or even reversing the effects of certain conditions.
Sketch the garden for planning purposes

Find a creative outlet!

  • Creative Discovery Art Classes such as Mandala Drawing: Soothe your mind and get into a relaxed, meditative mode while you design and color in your own personal mandala (a symbol aiding in meditation).
    • According to healthline.com; engaging in creative outlets does a world of wonder when it comes to relieving stress and calming the heart.
Learn heart healthy techniques without sacrificing flavor.

Learn heart healthy techniques without sacrificing flavor.

  • The Chef team at TREE Restaurant and Bar, The Lodge’s award-winning restaurant for artfully crafted spa cuisine, offers cooking demonstrations which feature techniques and tips for heart-healthy cooking. While there is always a healthy twist to the demonstrations, the Chef team highlighted some of the secrets of making dishes that are heart-healthy without sacrificing flavor.
    • One special recipe is the Chef’s Grilled Mahi Mahi with Garden Fresh Chimichurri According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that including fish high in omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. salmon, herring, sardines, and tuna) into your diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by a third or more.

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