Take a Dose of Me-Time Medicine…

Reading in the Hammock Grove at The Lodge at Woodloch

Reading in the Hammock Grove at The Lodge at Woodloch

In this day and age of smart phones, tablets, Google Glass, Tango, Messenger and beyond…daily lives are a constant entanglement of work, personal, financial and emotional demands.  Life is chaotic and hectic- yet sometimes monotonous- and the hurdles just keep coming.   The United States is one of the only first-world countries that does not require paid time-off from work.  173 other countries not only offer but REQUIRE by law that companies give between 2 (in Japan) and 7+ (in Sweden) weeks off per year.   As many have heard before and will likely hear again…nobody is going to take care of you, except for YOU.  Making YOU a priority to stay healthy and well and creating opportunities to enjoy life in between all of the demands is a true art form.  While mastered by some and envied by all, those that grab life and all of its adventures by the horns and take advantage of time away is a goal we should all strive for.  It will benefit you (and your work and loved ones) in the end.  The work and the daily demands will still be there when you return.

TLAW- Spring Toes in the Lake- AKP

Studies have shown that time away has medicinal effects.  Who doesn’t want to get rid of that kink in your neck, that constant head ache and sleepless nights?  Making time for adventure, spending quality time in nature and general relaxation are good for the mind, body and soul.  Something we simply don’t do enough of for ourselves.

But don’t take our word for it…

  • National Geographicagrees- read this great article on working to live by Joe Robinson
  • An annual vacation can cut the risk of a heart attack by 50 percent accordingto this study by USTravel.org!
  • It is good for the economy!  If all Americans took their allotted time off each year, it would total $160 billionadditional dollars of business sales into the economy according toForbes Magazine based on a study by Oxford Economics.
  • Vacation time helps give you perspective accordingthis CNN report.

One thing The Lodge at Woodloch has plenty of is a convenient and serene location (just 2.5 hours from the NYC area) to get away from it all.  From our Forest Bathing exploration program to spend deliberate stress-relieving time in nature to outdoor adventuresfitness classescooking classes and just time to relax and unplug (no cell phones allowed in public spaces)- there is no shortage of medicinal me-time at The Lodge!  We have made it really easy to turn that new Summer Friday perk into a Summer Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and … well, you get the picture.