You’re so fly…


Adam Nidoh- Fly Fishing Guide at The Lodge at Woodloch

Fly fishing had always seemed like an un-obtainable hobby to me. It seemed like Fly Fishing was a private club that I didn’t belong to. It appeared to require talents that simply weren’t instilled in me. That is, until I met Adam Nidoh, the fly fishing guide at The Lodge at Woodloch…

Adam broke it down for me in terms that I could relate to. Fishing is one of the most accessible sports that brings together people of all ages, levels of physical capabilities (fitness), socio-economic status and ethnicity. That statement was one thing that made me think twice…oh it is something that I could try…something I would probably love.

Lily Pad at The Lodge at Woodloch

It has all of the bones to make for a perfect day:

Quality time in nature helps decrease stress. Science has even shown a connection with fly-fishing and helping with symptoms of PTSD. Spending time surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature helps to ground you and remind you of what is really important. Nature has a way of putting everything into perspective that nothings else in the world can do.

Fly Fishing can help you stay physically fit. Wading in the water to the perfect spot, hiking to find a quiet bend in the river, and bending, stretching and casting all add up to a pretty active day that boosts relaxation at the same time. A group called Casting For Recovery promotes fly fishing to help women recovering from Breast Cancer.

While The Lodge at Woodloch’s Fly Fishing program is catch and release, those that do keep the fish they catch are in for a nutrition-heavy and delicious treat.  Fish is a great source of Omega 3-fatty acids which are great for heart and brain health.

Fly FIshing- Casting Class at The Lodge at Woodloch Fly Fishing Gear at The Lodge at Woodloch

Why fly fish in Northeast Pennsylvania? The Lodge at Woodloch is lucky enough to be located in the lake region of the Pocono Mountains. The lakes are filled with rivers and streams feeding the fresh water lakes and reservoirs. According to Adam, “Northeastern Pennsylvania, whose waters are steeped in American angling history, boasts some of the best fly fishing for trout in the world.  Among its prime trout waters is the Lackawaxen River. A tailwater style river set against a beautiful forest backdrop, the lower 10 miles of the Lackawaxen is a medium-large waterway, containing mainly stocked rainbow and brown trout, some in the 18-24” range.”

Adam provides a river report each week on his private website.

We hope to see you soon casting your rod on the dock of the lake!

-Brooke Jennings Roe