Salon Savvy Tips for the Blushing Bride this Fall


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Fall is full of beautiful weddings in the glow of foliage.  With the stress of the fall wedding season upon us, the bridal team at The Lodge at Woodloch’s Lotus Salon has pulled together a list of tips, recommendations and resources to try to make sure that brides are ready to sparkle on their big day. Pulled from personal experiences, years of working with brides and professional resources, the bridal team thought long and hard of how to ensure that a bride is confident, naturally beautiful and as stress-free as possible leading up to her wedding day.

The best (and most cost effective advice) is also the simplest. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of beauty rest! Beauty starts from the inside out and not even the best stylist or makeup artist can substitute a natural healthy glow. Starting early, at least six months prior to your wedding is always best. Experts suggest starting with what you eat and drink. Foods filled with Vitamin B and full of antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty Acids help bring out the natural shine in hair and a health glow on skin. Foods like fish, nuts, berries, eggs, deep leafy greens and avocados give your hair and skin what it needs.

Scalp massages and deep-conditioning treatments can help give hair a “lift.” Also, remember, don’t always believe the labels of products. There is no such thing as split-end repairs…make time for a trim. For a fresh, dewy and radiant glow for your skin, consider a series of facials. Of course any major concerns should be addressed with a dermatologist. But to bring a dull complexion back to life, the correct facial can slough off dead skin, clear blackheads and improve circulation. But remember to start early with facials as you wouldn’t want an unexpected reaction just before your big day!

Lotus Salon Helpful Tips

Whether finding a local salon, creating a home salon or spending time at the Lotus Salon at The Lodge at Woodloch, the bridal team from the Lotus Salon has put together a helpful checklist to ensure you are confident and glowing on your big day.

  • Two-Six months before wedding – schedule first facial and waxing
  • One month before wedding – schedule additional facial and waxing.
  • Don’t risk getting a facial or wax within 10-days of your wedding to ensure your skin has time to regulate and limit any reactions.
  • Three months before wedding – begin or continue a good program for nails – strengtheners, etc. Plan a professional manicure every two weeks or so.
  • Schedule a manicure the day before the wedding.
  • Have your wedding stylist check your polish the day of the wedding and change it if necessary.
  • Get a wedding hair consultation to review preferences, personal style and suggestions for preparation (there is often no charge for hair consultations for your chosen stylist).       Bring tear sheets to showcase personal style and desired outcome but be open to suggestions from the professionals.
  • Schedule a hair and makeup trial (typically requires 1.5-2 hours).       Bring the veil and photos if possible.
  • Schedule a hair, makeup and nail appointment for portraits if being done on a different day than the wedding (remember to wear a button-up or zip-up blouse and bring the veil).
  • The week before the wedding- schedule a relaxing massage- this is great to help relieve stress but also to enhance circulation. Remember the mother-of-the-bride as well!
  • The day before the wedding schedule a nail appointment for the bride-to-be and the bridal party as well.
  • The day of the wedding, make sure there are timely appointments for hair, makeup and mani/pedi polish check with at least 2 hours with the stylist or at the salon. Remember the veil and to wear a button-up or zip-up blouse.


Tania and the bridal team at the Lotus Salon at The Lodge at Woodloch!