Maintain Don’t Gain- A Resolution Reboot


If you are like me, you have big fitness plans…but not quite the motivation to keep them.

Which is why I am sharing a staff program that I am taking to my friends and family during this season of resolutions. During the Holiday Season, our Firecracker Fitness Manager, Cindy Wasilewski pumps up the staff to ward off the inevitable holiday weight gain…she even motivates staff to LOSE weight during the yummiest time of the year.

TLAW Spinning Room 2- Christopher KingThis past holiday season, individual staff members at The Lodge at Woodloch volunteered to join a team. There were specific rules throughout their contest but they basically got 1 point per minute working out. Look at their amazing results:

First Place Team:  Fearless Warriors – 2,689,381 points

Second Place Team: Fitness Queens and Their King – 2,093,016 points

Third Place Team: Steel Oats – 1,573,256 points


Drums Alive Fitness Class

Create time to work out!

Most Individual Points: 1,179,178 points (including the most steps – 1,172,164)

Most Individual % Lost: 7.04 %


Since I am in need of a little resolution reboot, I am going to take muse in Cindy’s holiday program and challenge my friends & family to a 2016 Maintain Don’t Gain contest in the form of a Resolution Reboot. These are my own rules inspired from Cindy, feel free to make them your own!

Maintain Don’t Gain Resolution Reboot:

Start Date: Monday, January 25, 2016

  1. Weigh Ins are from Monday, January 25 thru Sunday, January 31. – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Each participant to put aside $25 to the Winners (or should we say LOSERS) Pot. If you gain weight during the next 3 months, you will forfeit your $25.       If you stay the same, you can keep your $25. If you lose weight, you will get a portion of the winning pot (based on those that lost weight and earned the most points).
  3. Pedometers/Fitbits must be used – Bonus points for getting 10,000 steps every day in a week. (50 bonus points per week).
  4. Cardio must be done 3x per week for 20-30 minutes/day. 1 point per minute exercising. Ideas include:
    1. Brisk Walk or Jog
    2. Cardio Machine
    3. Hula Hoop
    4. Jump Rope
    5. Fitness Class
    6. Burpees
  5. Journal must be kept tracking exercise/time (fitbit or paper)
  6. The last day to get points will be Monday, April 25th. The last weigh in will be held between April 25th and May 1st.
  7. Financial awards will be given for:
    1. Most weight lost (can be tiered)
    2. Most points earned