Fitness as Therapy

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Create time to work out!

There has been a recent mindset change in the power of working out- a tipping point one might say.  Long revered as the way to get the super-model body one might dream of and then the stress-relieving benefits are only a secondary benefit. Well, physical activity is getting a makeover.  Creating a social media firestorm last fall, Lena Dunham stated “it’s about the brain, not the a$$.”  Her Instagram quote about what is motivating her to exercise seems to be a sentiment shared by millennials.  Can fitness and physical activity be the new Prozac?  Going into a new workout routine where the objective is not about losing weight but about alleviating anxiety, stress, and even depression.  This mindset change showcases that focusing on what the body is capable of instead of what it looks like (and what you look like getting there) is a great way to overcome imaginary fears of an otherwise “daunting” gym.

Woodloch Fitness Manager

Sir Isaac Newton was certainly onto something with his three laws of motion.  There is such truth in the statement that a body in motion stays in motion.  When one is physically active and comes to know the endorphins and the clearing of the mind that physical activity can bring, it is hard to slow that down or give that up.  That being said, taking a week off from the routine can lead into a downward spiral of a body at rest remains at rest.

Let’s marinate on all of that for a moment.  If one goes to the gym, not for the reason of what the number on the scale reflects, what the pant size is, what the muscle definition in the t-shirt looks like or what that new gym outfit looks like, but just to feel good or just to push your body that much harder the next time, what a different world this might be.  If the sole purpose of physical activity is to have fun, be active and make your mind lighter without any other pressures and stigmas of what you look like, the secondary benefits could be monumental.

This spring, The Lodge at Woodloch will expand its new Second Chance Recess program to help guests get their toes wet with that concept, and to find an activity that is just fun.  Reverting to your inner child and forgetting your worries…even for just 50 minutes.  The greatest part is how amazing you feel after the class.

Sometimes the heaviest part of your body is your mind…let’s lighten the load a little!