The Upcoming Opening Day…A Fishermans Dream


Adam Nidoh- Fly Fishing Guide at The Lodge at Woodloch

While April is opening day for baseball…it is also opening day for fishing season.  The Lodge at Woodloch’s Fly Fishing team has been eager to start with all of the tempting weather this season.  The streams of northeast PA are in great shape this early spring. A mild winter has led to some exciting early season action. Bugs are hatching on our trout streams and bass are heating up on our larger rivers. The Upper Delaware has had fish rising to black stoneflies and charcoal caddis and the flow on the Lackawaxen should be ideal for April 16th’s opening day. The Lodge’s dedicated fly fishing guide, Adam Nidoh offers a few tips to make spring fishing a success:

Fly Fishing Gear at The Lodge at Woodloch

1.  Clean your gear.

Take a little time to dust off your waders and boots, checking to make sure they’re in good working condition before you hit the water for the first time. Hopefully you cleaned your fly line before you put it away for the winter, but another close inspection, checking for cracks and other abrasions, is always a good idea.

2.  Test your tippet/practice your knots.

A refresher on knot tying is always a good idea. Shake the rust off your fingers and make sure you haven’t forgotten how to properly seat your favorite knots. This is also a good time to make sure tippet doesn’t need to be replaced. It does have a shelf life!

3.  Organize and take stock.

Look through your boxes and make sure your flies are back in some logical order. If any flies are missing, make sure you replace them. Nothing worse then not having that fly you need your first time out.

4.  Check the regulations.

Pick up a new regulation pamphlet at a local fly shop or check out the fish commission’s website. Stream regulations do change from year to year, and you wouldn’t want to be caught on a body of water no longer approved for early season fishing. Or, you  may find out that a new stream, or a new section of a river will be stocked this year.

5.   Dress appropriately

Just because the air temperatures are pleasant, doesn’t mean the water temps are. Large bodies of water take some time to warm up in the spring. Certain waterways can even remain in the 40s until May! Warm wool socks, base layer underwear, gloves and a packable windbreaker can keep you on the water longer. Spring flows can be above average and currents can be strong. Hypothermia is still a concern in spring, so wade with caution.


Happy spring and happy fishing!