Our Favorite Summertime Picks


Sweet, sweet summertime is making its “official” debut on June 20th … and we can barely contain our excitement at Great Things Boutique.

Summer Boutique 2

Although we hate to jump to conclusions, we’re thinking it’s safe to assume that you’re all just as thrilled as we are. So we’ve rounded up a list of summer essentials that’ll help us soak in all that this long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated season has to offer.

Logo Wear –
We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we are simply loving the look and feel of our newest logo wear. From bucket hats to Nike baseball caps … and tank tops to long sleeved tees. They are truly the perfect go-to for any and all of your summertime adventures.
Available in an assortment of stunning shades.

Sportea –
If you’ve visited us here at The Lodge, you more-than-likely left with a box (or three) of the Sportea served in our Tree Restaurant. Yeah … it’s that good. In case you’re not already familiar with it, here’s a brief overview: It is 100% natural, has 0 calories, contains no sugar, and is decaff equivalent … all while quenching your thirst and providing you with lasting energy. And did we mention just how delicious it tastes? A wonderful (and healthier) alternative to your daily coffee/soda pick-me-up, and an even more wonderful companion to those summertime adventures we were just daydreaming over.

Jewelry Snug –
‘Tis the season for trips upon trips and endless traveling! That sunshine comes out and we are all packing up our bags and getting out of town for a little while. Well, to make those journeys as smooth and stress-free as possible, we found the solution to one of our biggest travel dilemmas … the Jewelry Snug. It not only protects your jewelry, but also prevents it from tangling/tarnishing.
Let’s just say everyone needs one of these in their carry-on.

Moisturizers w/ SPF –
Although it’s hard to even utter, there is such a thing as “too much sun.” I know … it feels like we wait all year for those golden rays to grace our face, we don’t want to believe such a thing.
While we don’t want you to totally abandon your time under the sun’s spotlight, we do want to help keep your skin as healthy as possible for all the times that you do. Our favorite go-to moisturizers, for both men and women, have SPF 30 … providing you with protection from sun damage while also soothing and hydrating your skin. So you’re free to bask in that sunshine a little bit longer.
PS – We’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of The Lodge At Woodloch, for the entire month of June, with free shipping on all orders PLUS 10% off! Use code “WETURNED10” at checkout.
(Promotion expires 06/30/16)

Now, get your summer on!

by Alicia Manzione

Great Things Boutique at The Lodge at Woodloch