4th of July- Let Freedom Ring…If Only Long Weekends Were Every Weekend


Patriotic Lodge4

I don’t know about you, but I want to start a petition for the 4-day work week.  That extra day in the weekend makes all of the difference.

Of course this particular weekend, we have good reason to celebrate and luxuriate with that extra day.  We are so blessed to live in a country where our forefathers saw a bigger picture, where so many have fought and died to keep our freedom and our freedoms allow us choices beyond our wildest dreams.

Now…in order to celebrate and commemorate this holiday weekend right, I wanted to plan out every second to truly appreciate every moment:

Saturday: Sunny and 75 degrees in Hawley, PA!

Steady 70 2008

Breathe deep and soak it in!

After breakfast, I will start my day with a quick Fitness Kayak to get my heart rate up while enjoying the calmness of a morning on the private lake.  The fresh air, a cool crisp morning and the sound of nature.  Living fully in the moment.


I will then sneak over for a Garden Walk, complete with a sampling of the delectable tastes grown in the garden with love.  It is amazing to think back of the days when everyone would grow their own food and be nourished through the dirt, seeds and lots of hard work.


Soon after, I will head off to Power Yoga to find my peaceful warrior (in hopes of world peace of course).

The weekend wouldn’t be complete without a Cooking Demonstration by the team of chefs for some hints on amazing summer dishes.


After lunch, I will head to the spa for a Summer Sun Body Polish to make sure that my skin is ready for the upcoming season.  It is always good to exfoliate for smooth skin while adding lots of hydration during these warmer months!

TLAW Lotus Labyrinth Dawn Walk H by AKP

After the spa treatment, I want to extend my relaxation and will head right into the Walking Meditation.  Contemplating what this weekend really means and how we got here.  Enjoying the hear and now, hugged by the arms of the forest.


I will spend the golden hour of the day on the dock of the lake with a glass of red wine against the fading blue sky before heading to dinner.

Woodloch Pines Fireworks- Touzon.JPG

After dinner, we will head off to the sister resort, Woodloch Pines for a spectacular fireworks show over Little Lake Teedyuskung.

And that is just Saturday…two more days to go on this glorious long holiday weekend.  Now, if every weekend could just be this long!  Make the most of today, enjoy every moment. Revel in the little things.

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