Busy Bees


With currently six hives on property, four in the Blackmore Garden and two on the roof, The Lodge At Woodloch has been buzzing with busy bees!

Two of the hives in our garden are causing the biggest buzz as they are heavily producing honey this year! While the state average is approximately 40 pounds of honey per hive per year, these two hives alone have extracted roughly 160 pounds.
Talk about some happily busy bees!

What’s the reason for such an early honey flow?
Well, it mostly boils down to the health of the land around us … with the added bonus of Mother Nature being on our side. Good weather and fertile soils have allowed plants to flower and trees to flourish, creating more options of food sources for the bees.

As a gardening team, we obviously love to help and assist the bees as best we can. We’ve installed bee-friendly plants, seeded clover in the walkways of our farm-to-table garden, and continue our philosophy of being a pesticide-free property.

We’re hoping this bountiful, and beautiful, trend continues so we can keep harvesting honey throughout the summer. And although I would hate to put an end number on just how much the bees will produce this year … at this rate, I bet we’ll see around 400 pounds of delectable honey!

Our raw honey is currently being used in our Tree Restaurant, at our tea stations throughout The Lodge, in cooking/juicing demos, and as garnish at the bar. (And we’re hoping to soon sell it in our Great Things Boutique, too!)

Let’s just say we couldn’t BEE happier!

Jessie Caccavale