Decorating with Nature


We are constantly inspired by nature. The colors, the scent, the crisp air and the sound that envelopes us.

AKP FALL 2014 FINAL-1.jpg


During the winter and holiday season, we love to utilize the natural elements that surrounds us to decorate our spa home (and our homes) with the colors and scents of the season.  Our resident WildCrafter, Jessie Caccavale suggests these simple steps to create a Winter Wreath or Photo Frame.


Leaves and Pinecones Winter Wreath

Start with a simple grapevine wreath or natural (unfinished) wood frame.   Secure pine, spruce, bay leaf or olive branches, holly leaves, and winter red berries to the wreath or frame with hot glue or wire.  Choose a selection of accents such as dried artichokes, lotus pods, dried orange slices, kumquats and pinecones and secure them to the bottom of the wreath or frame (with wire or hot glue). Enhance with burlap or plaid ribbon (or other ribbon per your style and color scheme).

Additional options might be:

  • Paint a letter (family name) and secure to the wreath or frame
  • Spray paint with a copper sheen to give a little interest and sparkle
  • Secure cinnamon sticks to the wreath or frame to bring in the scent of fall

Thank you to Jessie and all of our extremely talented gardening team for creating such seasonally inspired pieces and bringing nature into our space at The Lodge.