Fly Fishing….a Deep Nature Meditation


As trout season opens this Saturday in Pennsylvania, so does the desire to wade the Lackawaxen River in nature’s calm. Our activity schedule begins to evolve to add in Intro to Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Tenkara classes and more.

Fly fishing is one of the most stress relieving sports out there. It is a sport that requires you to completely and utterly live in that moment, and in long stretches.  The mesmerizing display of nature soothes your soul as you observe the perfect unison of bugs dancing across the water in natural harmony and synchronicity.


As you wind your rod back and forth, rhythm and motion match natures beat. Tiny droplets of water take flight off the line and illuminate in the patches of sunlight.  The reflection of sun and clouds as the water peaks and flows down the river seems to wash worries away.

Even Harvard, at the Mahoney Neuroscience Institute, recognizes the powerful effect of fly fishing on the brain. The article reads “In the mid-nineteenth century, the avid fly-fisherman and physician James A. Hensall, MD, elucidated what for many is the allure of that often solitary form of angling. ‘Fly-fishers,’ he said, ‘are usually brain-workers in society. Along the banks of purling streams, beneath the shadows of umbrageous trees, or in the secluded nooks of charming lakes, they have ever been found, drinking deep of the invigorating forces of nature—giving rest and tone to over-taxed brains and wearied nerves—while gracefully wielding the supple rod, the invisible leader, and the fairylike fly’.”

The sport is both “stealth and strategy”…requiring you to leave your daily thoughts and focus on the next move in the moment.