Catch Some ZZZZZ’s – It’s National Sleep Week!


Enjoying a relaxing weekend sleeping inHit the sack

Catch some zzzzz’s

Grab some shut-eye

However you describe it, sleep is…..wonderful. Each year, we look forward to this time of year, National Sleep Week.  We like the gentle reminder of this simple task.  On average, we spend about 227,468 hours, or 26 years, of our lives sleeping! The National Center on Sleep Disorders Research estimates that this is about 33 percent of your lifetime!

But if you are smart, you will push those limits, especially when you learn about the health benefits of a good night’s rest!

  • Improved memory. NYU Langone Medical Center study shows that you will perform better after sleeping!
  • You live longer!
  • Reduce inflammation (think cardio vascular issues, stroke, diabetes and arthritis)
  • Get your creative juices flowing!
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Gain better attention span
  • Get smarter
  • Lower stress
  • Improve mood (less depression)
  • Less accidents

The Lodge at Woodloch launched the Rest+Well Blueprint two years ago as a way to help guide guests to find healthy lifestyle habits that will help provide a better night’s rest. Some of our favorites components are the Pillow Menu, the Restful Retreat Massage and the Herbal Sleep Consultations with Master Herbalist, Nathaniel Whitmore.  Fitness, time in the outdoors and healthy food all help your body have a better nights rest.