Flowers for Mother (Earth)


For earth day this year (and most years), we make love not war…in the form of seed bombs. What better way to shower mother earth with love than flowers in all nooks and crannies.

TLAW- Bike Basket- Andrea Killam Photography

Along with depletion of the forests, flowers are also on a sharp decline. People have chosen strategically manicured lawns, depleted of flowers.  Additionally, pesticides and herbicides make finding healthy flowers an even greater risk for our pollinator friends such as honey bees, bumble bees, moths, butterflies, birds, bats and more.

We love seed bombs because they act as an arsenal to keep our pollinator population growing (instead of declining as in recent years), in addition to beautifying the land around us. Seed bombs work because the shape of the seed bomb gives enough shade to retain moisture.  As the seeds germinate, the ball breaks apart and a root system begins in the small pile of crumbles.  The shape and weight of the seed bombs also a provides a sanctuary for the seeds from the elements (wind and rain can’t wash the seeds away) and the dirt hides the seeds from being nibbled by birds and other small wildlife.

TLAW- Farm to Table Garden- Tending the Garden- Andrea Killam Photography.jpg

Here is our secret recipe for creating the perfect seed bomb:

  1. In a large bowl mix 2 parts air dry clay
  2. Add 1 part compost or seed starter soil to the clay
  3. Slowly add water so that the mixture is workable enough to make balls hold together, but not sticky (1/4 to ½ part in comparison to the amounts above)
  4. Once the components are consistently mixed, add in 1 part native wildflower seeds
  5. Mix thoroughly
  6. Pinch off about 1” clumps and roll into a ball
  7. Place in a box lid or tray to dry (approximately 2 days to dry fully)
  8. Put in a bag (one or multiple seed bombs) to distribute to your family and friends
  9. Bombs away!