Nature. Multiplied.


Quick 1

This spring, the team at The Lodge at Woodloch is dusting off their hiking boots (and shovels).  We’ve added 100 new acres of land to the private serenity surrounding The Lodge at Woodloch with the addition of the Quick Property.

The property adjacent to The Lodge was purchased this past fall.  The Quick Property (Quick is the family name of the previous owners) is a perfect reason to slow down.  The Lodge feels fortunate to have added this property, which is part of the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, which is an accredited land trust dedicated to conserving the natural heritage and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region.

According to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy website, “the phrase natural heritage is vital. It implies much more than nature as “resource.” Nature as our heritage communicates the multi-generational tradition of our region’s people living in and from special relationships with our lands and waters—our farmers and foresters, hikers, hunters, fishermen, and families who love living where they have room to roam, and where they can share space with deer, bear, and eagles. Our natural heritage is as much the farm and forest products that support our local economies, as it is our pristine waters and healthy woodlands. Protecting and sustaining our natural heritage now and for future generations is the responsibility of all the citizens of our region.”
As part of the land trust, the new parcel will serve as a great way to further educate our guests and the local community about the nature and wildlife that surrounds us.  The new property (and parts of the existing property) already have some new favorite features.  Early this spring, Mallard Nesting Boxes, Bat Boxes and Bird Houses were placed throughout the property to help create a safe haven for the many (increasing) bird species and bat friends in our area.

Quick 5

A new trail system is being established to add another 2 miles of nature trails to our already existing trails.  There is a beautiful stream, swamp and bog area with unique flora and fauna not located in other areas of our property.  There seems to be a very busy beaver in the area and a very handsome bald eagle nesting somewhere close.

Quick 6
This summer there will be birding, Open Air Painting, NaturePix 101, Nature Walks and Forest Bathing excursions on the new property.  The broad field at the farm area will add the perfect location for cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing when the weather allows.