National Hammock Day at The Lodge at Woodloch



July 22nd was National Hammock Day, which gives us a GREAT reason to venture to the Hammock Grove at The Lodge at Woodloch.  The Hammock Grove was added a few years ago, and a few additional hammocks have popped up over the years throughout our property.  We love a good hammock because it allows for quiet contemplation surrounded by the forest…or even a good nap.  It gives us the much-needed perspective of looking up in a world where we are so accustomed to looking down.  Looking at the tree tops sway, the clouds drift, the ever-changing hue of blue of the sky and the occasional soaring bird is a great way to open up your horizon…literally.

Here are a few cool facts about hammocks:

  1. It’s Named After the Hamack Tree:

Hammocks were made from the woven bark from the Hamack Tree (hence “hamacas” in Central and South America)

  1. They were most likely invented by the Mayans:

While nobody truly knows the origin, the first hammocks seem to come from the Mayans, woven from the bark of the Hamack Tree which are native to Latin America.  Wow the Mayans were clever…first Chocolate and then Hammocks!

  1. Christopher Columbus brought the idea of Hammocks to Europe:

He heard the term “hamacas” and likely coined the word Hammock when he brought the idea back to Europe in the 15th Century.  It was a great way to maximize space and add a little comfort to the sailors crossing the seas.

  1. Hammocks have been put to great use over the years:

As mentioned above, sailors loved the introduction to hammocks but that is not where it stopped.  They were also used by explorers traveling in wooded regions, by soldiers in Vietnam to keep off of the wet jungle floor creeping with crawlers, they have been used on space missions and even by parents (in the 1920’s) for containing babies just learning to crawl.

  1. Hammocks give you a deeper sleep

Hammocks seem to have a magic touch of instant relaxation.  However, it really has to do with the physics of the hammock.  The rocking motion and the gentle curve makes you feel like you are gently cradled in your mother’s arms.  This innate feeling of contentedness helps encourage a deep and satisfying sleep.

Now, sit back, put your legs up…and just sway.