Summertime Picks from Great Things Boutique



Sweet, sweet summertime is here…and we can barely contain our excitement at Great Things Boutique. We’ve rounded up a list of summer essentials that’ll help you soak in all that this long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated season has to offer.

Zents –
Spritz these nourishing Zents oils all over the body to revitalize skin with a blend of deeply moisturizing coconut and sunflower oils. Antioxidant-enriched safflower and Vitamin E provide a double dose of age-defying benefits. Perfectly lustrous, the oils quench and transform thirsty skin, imparting a delicate cashmere feel, an irresistibly sexy sheen, and an elegant scent. Apply after sun exposure to soothe and prevent sun damage. Use daily to prevent the signs of aging and restore skin’s soft, sexy glow. If you spend $50 or more from the Zents line, you’ll receive a free GWP while supplies last!



Rica –
“Whip it real good” will take on a whole new meaning once you try out this luxurious butter cream! One of our all-time favorite moisturizers – Rica’s All-Natural Whipped Shea Butter – is good for not only your body and feet, but for your hair and nails as well. Rica’s rich, fluffy cream contains coconut, avocado, and passionfruit oils…making it the ultimate go-to for getting rid of any and all dryness.  Available in two scents: Original (a light lemon and sweet orange scent) as well as Coconut Sugar (smells so yummy you’ll think it’s dessert!).

Ambre –
And the newest addition to Ambre Blend’s Pure Oil Essences…Ahnu! “Mixing the sweet, tenacious scents of tuberose and lotus flower with the warm, soft notes of violet leaf, tobacco, and champaca” this new scent is clean, fresh, and already a fan favorite. With the same spectacular qualities as the rest of the Ambre line…these delectable oils are made from only the finest, organic ingredients. What they’re most well-known for? These natural oils are activated by the warmth of one’s body…producing a unique fragrance for everyone due to our individual body chemistries!

Acupressure Gels –
Beauty Water by Jenise Parris: With a healing blend of essential oils, Beauty Water’s Acupressure Gels have an immediate effect on the acupuncture meridians upon application. Acupuncturist Jenise Parris created this collection around her patients’ needs as a personal healing tool. They’re organic, non-staining, and perfect even for on-the-go – with acupressure points illustrated on each jar to ease and empower the self-healing process. Acupressure Gels available: Calm Spirit, Peaceful Sleep, Stop Headache, Ease Neck and Shoulders, and Nourishing Fertility.

Now, get your summer on!

by Alicia Manzione