The Art of Getting Over It


Lets face it, everyone is going through SOMETHING.  Whether it is a heart break, family drama, best friend issues, a boss from hell or a co-worker that rubs you the wrong way…we all have SOMETHING tucked away.  No matter how good you “tuck things” that little something will tug at your mental and often physical well being in more ways than you can imagine. When you have some free time, your mind seems to get consumed with thoughts of that SOMETHING.  When you have a glass of wine at night, you automatically begin to vent.  You bite your nails, you grind your teeth, you might even have a sleepless night or two (or three or four).

That SOMETHING that you’re going through might even be an illness or a diagnosis of a disease (or ideally the recovery after the diagnosis of a disease).  Or maybe a loved one has fallen ill.  Once again, that SOMETHING we think is tucked nicely away but is taking its toll on our mind, body and soul.

I recently took a crash course in the Art of Getting Over It at The Lodge at Woodloch.  It is not a book, not a program and not even a package (although maybe it should be) but rather a jam packed schedule of activities, healthy food and nature that somehow lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders.  My intention when I booked was not exactly that.  My main goal was to relax after a hectic spring filled with work deadlines, business travel, baseball games and award ceremonies and tutoring and teacher conferences and then some.  My SOMETHING was nicely tucked when I left for the The Lodge at Woodloch.  But during my beautiful drive through the winding country roads, my mind began to wander.  Not toward the amazing weekend ahead but to the SOMETHING that has been nagging at me for over a year! A family relationship that has gone astray and I don’t know how to get it back on track.  My mood shifted from excited to exciteable.

My later than expected arrival dropped me at the hotel just in time for evening kayaking to see the sunset.  Afterward, I zoomed up to dinner and indulged a little with a glass of wine and the Garden Special.

First thing in the morning after a quick bowl of quinoa porridge, I headed to Meditation to Quiet the Mind.  While I thought I was trying to get away from my hectic life, I realized what I really needed to get away from my thoughts and obsession over my SOMETHING.

TLAW- Forest Bathing Sharing2- Amos Clifford Photo

After relaxing on the sun patio for a little while, I met the group to go out Forest Bathing.  I am not familiar with the practice, nor am I familiar with the sensation of slowing down.  My instructor encouraged me to slow down… to an “uncomfortable pace.”  This helps to truly soak nature in.  To be able to not just rush by but to take notice in not just the big things surrounding us (the century-old oak tree with roots bursting out of the ground), but also the tiniest of things (the tiny spider web between the leaves of a shrub that when caught in just the right light was an artful masterpiece of symmetry and glimmer).  We focused on using our five senses to experience our surroundings instead of just our eyes.  What smells were engulfing us? What sound was that just a stone’s throw away and what was that off in the distance?  What is the lifecycle of the nature around us…some just coming to life and some with life coming to an end…awaiting the next season of awakening.  This new perspective of nature certainly helped me to put ME  and my SOMETHING into perspective in this great big world.


After a healthy lunch of salmon and fresh greens straight from the garden, I was ready for a little action.  I headed to the cardio studio for Drums Alive. I loved the rhythm and energy while breaking a little sweat (and showing my complete lack of dancing/musical ability).  But boy did I have fun while I looked so crazy.  I also learned that I kind of liked having my crazy show a little bit. I realized that I allow my inhibitions to hold me back when I could be out there drumming to my own beat…literally.

Next it was time for my spa treatment.  I headed to the relaxation area to prepare for my Blues Be Gone treatment.

After my dream treatment, I decided to skip my next class and keep the relaxation going.  When is the last time I sat around and gave myself permission to do NOTHING?  My SOMETHING was starting to drift farther and farther away while my current reality was starting to really set in.

I headed to an early dinner so that I could sneak into an evening Art Class.  I am no artist but I thought it would be fun to watch the teacher create something beautiful.  While listening closely and watching others canvas’ even more closely, I looked back and barely recognized my own canvas.  Somehow the words of the art instructor came right through my paint brush.  It was like I created a masterpiece in an hour…and he created a monster within me.  A good monster.  A creative monster.  But I realized that with just a taste of creativity, what a unique energy it brought to me.  A new spark and a new outlet.  It made me realize that I couldn’t remember the last time I created something (well, besides a peanut butter and jelly sandwich).  I walked away knowing I wanted more.

By 9:30 pm, I was truly exhausted, bone-tired exhausted.  I headed back to the room after the art class and barely made it to the bed before collapsing into it.  I slept better that night than I had in a long, long time.  I don’t know if it was the extended time spent out in the fresh air, my relaxed state of mind or my creative energy release but I melted into the bed.

When at home, the alarm clock goes off at 6:30am and I force myself not to push snooze 18 times like I want to.  Somehow, the morning came and I was wide awake at 6:15 on the dot.  No alarm clock, no garbage truck and no kids crying.  I slipped out on the veranda to watch the sun greet the day.

Lake Sunrise

While sitting on the veranda, I noticed a small group heading out on the nature trails for a brisk walk so I ran out to meet them.  The brisk fitness walk at 6:30am was better than a cup of coffee in the morning.  With the energy of nature in the morning, the cool fresh air and a brisk pace to get my heart rate up…I simply felt good.  I also realized that living spontaneously had a few perks as well.

My early morning walk created quite the hunger pangs.  I settled on the Garden Omelette with a selection of fresh veggies from the garden and cheese from a local dairy.


Sunday morning, I decided to try The Great Wall of Yoga.  While I try to practice yoga often, I am far from being a Yogi.  I probably have all of the wrong form, find poses that are “lazy” rather than correct and obsess a lot over the right yoga pants vs. the right yoga prana.  The Great Wall of Yoga may have changed all of that.  I was suddenly taking my stretches to a whole new level…and my form was, dare I say…perfect.  I couldn’t tell which yoga pants I had on because the straps covered them anyway. Yogic bliss.


Later in the morning, I headed over to the Blackmore Farm-to-Table Garden.  It was intended to be a good excuse for not taking another class but it ended up being much more of an adventure.  I learned about the five honey bee hives sitting court in the filled-to-the-brim garden.  I tasted leaves and flowers and vegetables that I have never heard of and can’t pronounce.  I learned that the weed in my backyard is actually a healing herb that can help cleanse my liver.  I learned that mother earth is the most giving mother ever.Lake Sunrise

By lunchtime, I knew that my time away was coming to an end.  I packed my bags and hesitantly headed toward the doors.  My weekend of relaxation ended up being so much more.  I felt light, I felt well rested, I felt creative, I felt energized and suddenly I realized, I felt….OVER IT!!!

On my drive home, I tried to recount my steps to realize just when that tipping point happened.  But I soon realized that the art was in the sum total:

  • Perspective +
  • Fresh Air and the miracle of nature +
  • Healthy habits like exercise and meditation +
  • Creative release +
  • Amazing food that nourishes the body and the tastebuds +
  • Lymphatic massage to help detoxify +
  • Letting go, letting my crazy show =
  • OVER IT.  A mental and physical release that manifests as bliss

Submitted anonymously by a guest