National Relaxation Day


August holds one of our favorite awareness days, National Relaxation Day…which we like to celebrate every day.  Whether getting Zen comes easy for you or a real struggle, we have just the ticket to finding a Zen life. defines relaxation as:
[ree-lak-sey-shuh n]
1.  abatement or relief from bodily or mental work, effort, application, etc.
2.  an activity or recreation that provides such relief; diversion; entertainment.

Whether your version of relaxation involves silence, solitude, or breaking a sweat, there are a plethora of options that await you at The Lodge at Woodloch. We’ve selected some photos entered in our seasonal photo contests to show you all the ways that our guests relax.

Our outdoor horizon edge whirlpool is a must-do if relaxation is on your list. Open year round, there’s beauty & serenity in each season to connect you with nature and have you feeling refreshed.


Our Lotus Labyrinth offers a serene location for meditation and relaxation hugged by the arms of the forest. The labyrinth is a walking meditation, a path of prayer and an archetypal blueprint where psyche meets Spirit. It has only one path that leads from the outer edge in a circuitous way to the center. There are no tricks to it and no dead ends. Unlike a maze where you lose your way, the labyrinth is a spiritual tool that can help you find your way.

Our hammock groves allow our guests to soak in the natural surroundings. Always taking our cues from nature, we know that there is no better way to truly relax than by letting nature nurture.

Yoga is a great exercise for overall mind and body fitness. It can help build your strength, lengthen your muscles, and also help soothe stress.

Summer on our private lake is incredible. Sightings include red fox, beaver, bald eagles, osprey, wild turkey and more! Nature abounds and guests can experience it all on a leisurely kayak or paddle board trip around our 15 acre lake.


Fly fishing is one of the most stress relieving sports out there. It is a sport that requires you to completely and utterly live in that moment, and in long stretches. The mesmerizing display of nature soothes your soul as you observe the perfect unison of bugs dancing across the water in natural harmony and synchronicity.

We know how important it is for health and wellness to carve out time to relax and unwind.  Whether spending time outdoors or indulging in a summer spa treatment or learning new yoga tips and tricks, this is an official invitation to breathe deep and release the mind…

Photo credits: L. Keen, D. Kelly, C. Jones, L. Weinbaum, J. Dalessandro, J. Miller, C. Napier, N. Po, G. Tinari, J. Bystedt, R. Patel, L. Frank