Goal Digger


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Right about now, we all start thinking about how we want to start anew in the New Year.  We dream up our goals and aspirations and the bright new future.  Except…occasionally those dreams come to a sudden crash when we remember the goals and aspiration from last year, and the year before and where they ended up.

That is why we love the message behind FINISH, by Jon Acuff – a  book (complete with research and scientific backing) about how to finish your goals and aspirations.  Of course a lot of the advice is similar to advice that you hear each year around this time…be realistic, don’t set yourself up for failure and stick with it!

One interesting tidbit from the book is to not necessarily jump to the typical “lose weight, run more, drink more water, join the gym, etc.” but rather a unique piece of goal digging advice that we hadn’t heard before.  Ask your friends!  Some of us might get stumped when trying to find a realistic goal that we can stick with (and are passionate about).  We love this piece of soul searching and self-awareness.  Often, your friends (those not looking at your life through your lens) can see it more clearly…your dreams and passions.  They might surprise you and reflect back something that you didn’t expect, something that comes naturally and something you are already doing but can do better.

Another gem from the book was about self-forgiveness.  When setting a goal, we often find it difficult (hence the goal) and there are times when we fail at accomplishing that goal that day (or week or even month) but that doesn’t mean we should give up on it completely.  Give yourself the opportunity to start again, to learn from the mistake and to understand that it takes time and perseverance to be successful.  Give yourself permission to stop and start again. Celebrate the fact that you started again and keep going…farther this time.  Life is full of stops and starts.

If you want a quick listen to an interview with author, Jon Acuff, list here:
The Science of Achieving  Your Goals & The Truth Behind Double Dipping and the 5-Second Rule from Something You Should Know in Podcasts.

Now, get to it, goal digger!